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Coach Registration: 2016-17 Yonex Elite/Junior Elite Series
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Badminton Canada
Coaching Certification Policy 

1. Purpose
1.1. The Coaching Association of Canada is now strongly advising all National Sports Organizations to establish a minimum requirement for all coaches to enter the field of play or coach any athlete during a match. 
1.2. As a result, Badminton Canada (BCAN) has developed the following “Coaching Certification Policy”. All Provincial/Territorial (PSO/TSO) are responsible for distributing this Policy to their regional membership and promoting this certification process. 
2. Application of this Policy

2.1. This Policy applies to all BCAN sanctioned events with the exception of the Masters National Championships, which is exempt.

2.2. This Policy applies to all individuals, including but not limited to coaches, parents or fellow athletes, that wish to sit on the field of play or coach any athlete during a match.

3. Objectives

3.1. The objectives in developing a mandatory certification process are as follows: 

a) To promote the values and importance of becoming a certified coach for the present/next generation of potential coaches;
b) To promote the values and importance of becoming a certified coach to our present/next generation of athletes;
c) To ensure quality coaching at BCAN sanctioned events; and
d) To ensure the safety and security of athletes that participate in BCAN sanctioned events.

4. Certification Guidelines 

4.1. The certification guidelines for all BCAN sanctioned events will be implemented over a two (2) year period by BCAN and all PSO/TSOs. BCAN requires: 

Elite Series-Level 1 Certification or Competition Introduction (Regional-Certified)
Nationals-Level 2 Certification or Competition Introduction (Provincial-certified)
Canada Games-Level 3 Certification or Competition Development
National Team Coach-Level 4 Certification, Level 3 Certification + Advanced Coaching Diploma + Major Games experience as player or Coach Competition High Performance, once completed.

4.2. In regards to the certification levels of coaches for Nationals and/or Elite Series events, the implementation period is as follows:

a) Year one (1) of implementation, begins July 1st, 2016-Level 1 certification or Competition Introduction-Regional will be mandated for all BCAN sanctioned events. 

b) Year two (2) of implementation begins July 1st, 2017-Level 2 certification or Competition Introduction-Provincial is mandated for all BCAN sanctioned events. Coaches will also be required to have a BCAN High Performance Coach membership card (see below).

4.3. Canada Games and National Team Coach certification requirements begin immediately.

4.4. Additionally, all coaches are required to be ‘Members in good standing’ with their PSO/TSO and with BCAN (annual membership to BCAN paid in full prior to attending a BCAN sanctioned event).

4.5. BCAN will not mandate coaching certification guidelines for those events sanctioned by a PSO/TSO as they fall outside of BCANs jurisdiction. However, BCAN strongly recommends to all PSO/TSOs that a Level 1 certification for their respective tournaments is beneficial to the long term growth of their athletes and that having such a requirement is beneficial for the development of their coaches. 

5. Monitoring Certification

5.1. In order to enforce this Policy the following checks and balances have been implemented for the 2016/2017 season and beyond:

5.2. A registration component will be added to the tournament software for coaches to register for BCAN sanctioned event; if a coach is not registered prior to a predetermined date, he/she would not be eligible to coach at the event. The information required to be registered will include: Name, CC# and address.
a) BCAN will be responsible for verifying the CC number of all coaches registered for an event, and shall prepare ID cards with lanyards for the Host Committee to distribute (the “BCAN High Performance Coach membership card”). 
b) An accredited coach will be provided a card with his/her credentials listed along with a lanyard that he or she is required to visibly display at courtside at all BCAN sanctioned events. 

5.3. A BCAN representative or a Member of the Host Committee will be responsible for monitoring all coaching credentials to ensure the appropriate coaching certification guidelines are being followed. To do so:

a) If a coach, parent or athlete or other individual, not appropriately accredited with BCAN is on the field of play, he/she will be asked to leave the field of play immediately by a BCAN representative or a Member of the Host Committee.
b) When an un-officiated match is in progress and an unauthorized coach is found to be on the field of play, he/she will be approached and told to leave the field of play by the tournament referee.
c) When an officiated match is in progress and an unauthorized coach is found to be on the field of play, the umpire for the match would immediately notify the Referee who will have the power to disqualify the offending side from the match and tournament under Law 16.7.2.

5.4. A coach, athlete or parent that consistently violates this policy at national events, will face disciplinary action from BCAN under the Discpline and Complaints Policy. This action, may include but would not be limited to suspension from a number of tournaments, or the revoking of his/her Badminton Membership and therefore lose his/hers Member in Good Standing status.
6. Review and Approval
6.1. BCAN's Board of Directors and Executive Director shall review this policy biennially.

Reviewed and approved by the BCAN's Board of Directors on:
Date: November 18, 2015