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Derrick Cup Team Event
Dates: to
Category:Team Event
City:Edmonton, AB
Entry deadline:2017-09-04

Format: Team Event

Prizes: Cash in all categories – minimum $1500 between all categories – amount increases by $100 for every team over 15 teams entered. See distribution below

Categories: A, B, C, D with sufficient entries. Organizing Committee retains right to combine categories and to seed teams in appropriate division based on players’ rankings/previous results

Entry fee: $50/player

Social Event: TBA

Entry deadline: Monday, September 4, 2017 @ midnight. Entries limited to first 24 teams

Sponsors: Lexus Edmonton, Yonex

For more tournament details, Derrick Cup Group Facebook Page @


Team Composition

Each team consists of 4-6 players any gender.

Scoring system:

WS vs MS: WS starts at 7 points and has first serve

WD vs MD: WD starts at 8 points and gets first serve

XD vs MD: XD starts at 7 points and gets first service

XD vs WD: WD starts at 7 points and gets first service

No starting points for Masters or Juniors

Pool Play

Teams are divided into pools within their category for round robin play on Saturday against other teams. Each round (called a ‘tie’) consists of one singles and two doubles. All matches are best 2 of 3 games. During round robin play, all matches will be played. Playoff rankings will be determined based on TOTAL number of matches won during all round robin ties. During the tie – ONLY 5 minutes will be allowed between matches, including warm-up. Team Captains must submit their line up 10 minutes prior to the tie – teams will not be allowed to view the other team’s line up. One player per team may play in 2 matches per tie if they wish, all other team members may only play in one match per tie. Our goal is to provide 3 or 4 ‘ties’ per team for round robin play – however, final number will depend on number of entries in category.

Elimination Draw

Teams are placed into an Elimination Draw based on their match win/loss record. Elimination ties are won based on best 2 of 3 matches. Winners move on to the next round. Losers will continue on in a Consolation Round if time permits.

Shuttles will be provided: A & B, C Event Yonex feather, D Event Yonex nylon

Random Fun Games

Throughout the tournament, random fun challenge games/contests will occur for prizes i.e. English Doubles, Team Sprint Relay, Shuttle Run, Masters Challenge, etc.

Injury Rule:

If a player gets hurt during a match, they must forfeit that match, but can be replaced by another player if the injured player was to play again later in a tie. The injured player cannot play again until the next tie.

Saturday Night Social: 6:45 Derrick Club – dinner included with entry

Badminton Alberta: Participants are strongly encouraged to be members of Badminton Alberta. Memberships may be purchased online at

Email entries to:

Joyce Pittman: Entries must contain: Team Name, Full name of each team member & gender, designated team captain, team captain phone number & email address

Payment by cash or club account at time of registration by Team Captain – full fees must be paid prior to first match. Teams entered will be posted on the Derrick Cup Facebook page as they enter.

Draw times will be available on Derrick Cup Facebook Page by Wednesday, September 6 @ 9:00 PM and emailed to Team Captains. Team Entries will be posted on the Derrick Cup Facebook Page

Inquiries may be made to Joyce Pittman @ 780-983-4661 or by email or ask a question on the Derrick Cup Facebook page:

Prize Distribution:

A=33% of prize money ($500), B= 27 % ($400), C=20% ($300), D=20% ($300) Total of $1500 minimum. For each team over 15 entries an additional $100 will be added to the prize money and distributed as per the percentages above i.e. 18 teams A =$594, B=$486, C=$360, D=$360


This is the fourth annual Derrick Cup Team Event. Should situations arise that don’t have rules written for them, the tournament organizing committee reserves the right to make all final rules/decisions/seedings.

Organizing Committee: Alan Chow, Pauline Creaser, Kathy Francis, Darren Kam, Andrew Kwan, Joyce Pittman, Steve Wong, Doug Rutherford, Danny Long.