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2020 YONEX Canadian Open Masters
Dates: to
Category:30+, 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+, 80+, 85+
City:Prince George, BC
Entry deadline:2020-03-25

Due to COVID-19 the 2020 Canadian Masters Badminton Championship have been postponed until 2021. The 2021 event will be still held in Prince George, BC.


Charles Jago Northern Sport Centre (NSC)
3333 University Way, Prince George, BC V2N 4Z9


Hosted by / Hébergé par: North Central Badminton Academy
Organizing Committee
Chair/Président: Lisa Davison
Co-Chair/Vice président: Vonda Hofferd

Referee: Ayas Amlani
Deputy Referee: Ian Lagden

Monday, April 27th | 7:00 am Breakfast & Coffee | 7:30 am Meeting starts | 8:00 am Shuttle to Venue

Lundi 27 avril | 7h00 Petit déjeuner et café | 7h30 Début de la réunion | 8h00 Navette vers le lieu de rendez-vous

Mike Luck Email: – 613.748.5674 ext. 223

Athletes are eligible by age as of the first day of play (April 27th 2020.)
Singles, doubles, and mixed doubles events will be offered at 30+ in a 10-year increment.
Singles, doubles, and mixed doubles events will be offered at 40+ and every 5-year increments to a maximum of 85+.
Draws with consolation will be offered for events with 5 or more players/teams.
Entry to a consolation is automatic and is for any entry that has lost their first match.
Round robin format will be used for any events with 3 or 4 players/teams.
Events with only 2 players/teams will be played as a final.

Athletes 65+ may enter a maximum of 5 events provided that 3 events are in their own age group (if you wish to enter 5 events please use the comment field to tell us which event and if applicable, the name of your partner.)
Athletes 40-64 may enter a maximum of 4 events.
Athletes 30-39 may enter a maximum of 3 events.
Participants are restricted to a maximum of 2 events per discipline across any age category.

The competition is open to all athletes who are members in good standing with their country, provincial, state or territorial association (please see “Player Registration” information at the bottom of these regulations). The competition will be conducted under the official rules of Badminton Canada and the Badminton World Federation.
Foreign players must show proof of membership or affiliation with their national governing body at the time of Registration.
For non-residents who do not have an existing National level membership Badminton Canada has created an International Player membership ($35) which when validated (contact John Russell at will permit online entry to the tournament.
Online entry is restricted to players who have a valid Badminton Canada domain Player ID, account and membership. The International Player membership satisfies these online entry requirements.

Badminton Canada requires that all players meet three requirements before tournament registration will be permitted:
1. All players must have a valid Player ID
2. All players must have an active and confirmed account within the Badminton Canada domain
3. All players must have a valid 2019-2020 Membership

There are different steps to register based on whether you are a Canadian player or Non-Canadian “International” player and whether you will play any other competitions this season-

1-Canadian Players-
Need a “National” level membership from their home province through your Badminton Canada account, not a generic Tournament Software account

2-Non-Canadian players who regularly play tournaments within Canada-
Need a “National” level membership from their home province through a Badminton Canada account, not their international Tournament Software account.

3-Non-Canadian player who only play the Canadian Masters Badminton Championship-
Badminton Canada has created a special membership category entitled “International Player” to permit these players to meet the tournament registration requirements. The Badminton Canada International Player Membership is specifically designed to ensure that out of country players are able to register for the Canadian National Masters Championships.

To purchase an International Membership a player should meet the following criteria:
a. Be 30 years old or older on April 27th 2020, the year of the Canadian Masters Badminton Championship in which they wish to play.
b. Do not have an existing membership from any province within Canada.
c. Reside outside of Canada.
d. Do not intend to play any additional tournaments in Canada during the year.
If you have questions about this membership, please contact John Russell, Badminton Canada Player Database Administrator at

$230 on-line payment is required at the time of on-line registration (includes Welcome Reception and its activities, Theme Night and activities & Closing Banquet). Non-Canadian association participants will be charged an extra $35 fee for entering a tournament.
Additional social package for spouses or non-players (includes Welcome Reception and its activities, Theme Night and its activities and Closing Banquet) $135 payable with player's entry fee.

The entry deadline is Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 @ 11:59pm PST. Unpaid entries will not be included in the draws.
Badminton Canada is utilizing the Badminton Tournament Planner software which requires all athletes to enter online. LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Entries received via mail, fax or regular email will not be accepted.

Refunds are provided less a 10% administration fee to entrants who withdraw prior to the entry deadline of the event. After the deadline, but prior to the draws being made, refunds are provided less a 50% administrative fee.
Full refunds will be made for injuries that make it impossible for an athlete to compete provided documentation from a doctor is provided. Refunds will not be provided after the draws are made.

Dimanche 26 avril / Sunday, April 26th (10:30 AM – 9:30 PM) to take place at Coast Hotel Prince George banquet hallway.
* Note * Accreditation badge is required to access shuttle bus, entry daily into venue and Field of Play. Please pick up prior to catching shuttle bus up to venue for practice or ensure to stop and pick up prior to driving up. Those arriving into Prince George Monday onwards your hosts will continue to have an Event Host table set up all week for to assist you.

Sunday, April 26th, 2020 1:00 – 6:00 PM / Dimanche en après-midi le 26 avril 2020

Sunday, April 26th, 2020 3:00-4:00 pm / Dimanche en après-midi le 26 avril 2020
The referee will provide some basic information around the championship for those who want to know as well as provide an opportunity for players/coaches to ask questions about the event. /
L'arbitre fournira des informations de base sur le championnat pour ceux qui le souhaitent et donnera l'occasion aux joueurs / entraîneurs de poser des questions sur l'événement.

Monday/Lundi, April 27, 2020-9:00 AM-Opening rounds
Tuesday/Mardi, April 28, 2020-9:00 AM -Continuation of play
Wednesday/Mercredi, April 29, 2020-9:00 AM -Continuation of play and some Semi-Finals
Thursday/Jeudi, April 30, 2020-9:00 AM -Continuation of play and some Semi-Finals
Friday/Vendredi, May 1, 2020-9:00 AM-Semi-Finals
Saturday/Samedi, May 2, 2020-9:00 AM -Finals

Sunday April 26th / Dimanche 26 avril, 6:30 PM: Welcome Reception & Activities \ Réception de bienvenue et activités
Wednesday, April 29th / Mercredi 29 avril-Theme Night & Activities 6:30 PM Cocktails, activities, dinner and dance to follow / Theme TBA in September 2019 / Soirée à thème et activités 18h30 Cocktails, activités, dîner et danse à suivre / À déterminer en septembre 2019
Saturday, May 2nd /Samedi 2 mai: Closing Banquet 6:30 PM Cocktails, activities, dinner and dance to follow / Banquet de clôture 18h30 Cocktails, activités, dîner et danse à suivre

Coast Hotel Prince George
770 Brunswick Street | Prince George, BC
Google Map Link

How can I book?
1. Booking link: then enter number of guests
2. Call our reservations department at 1-800-663-1144 and mention the group code CIN-GFC14693
The Special rate is valid until Friday, January 31, 2020. Please book reservations as soon as possible, as the block fills up quickly
*also the venue for the Theme Dinner*

Courtyard Marriott
900 Brunswick Street | Prince George, BC
Google Map Link

How can I book?
1. Booking link:
Last Day to Book: Friday, January 31, 2020
*also the venue for the Closing Banquet*

Shuttle service will be provided between the host hotel and the venue only. If players are not staying at the host hotel, they will be responsible to provide their own transportation to the venue.

Enterprise and National are available. Discount codes from Badminton Canada will be available soon.

Seeding and draws will be delegated to a masters seeding committee that is overseen by Badminton Canada. Seedings to be by posted by Monday, April 13th. draws to be posted by Sunday, April 19th, first day’s timing to be posted by Wednesday, April 22nd.

Medals will be provided to event winners, finalists and winners of consolation draws. Immediately following finals and consolation finals players will be asked to report to the Medal Presentation podium.

The 21-Rally Point scoring format will be utilized. Two-minute warm-up and ten-minute default will be strictly enforced.
The use of protective eyewear is strongly recommended during play.

Official shuttles will be YONEX feather shuttle.
Shuttles will be provided for all matches

I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all claims for damages I may have against Badminton Canada, any of its member organizations, the host venue, and their respective agents, members of staff, for any and all injuries which may be suffered by me, through accident or negligence, in conjunction with my competition and attendance at all related activities of this event.
I accept the above terms from the time of online entry until the completion of the tournament.