Terms of Reference

Board of Directors

1.     Attend general meetings and meetings of the board of directors;
2.     Ensure that the affairs of the association are managed in accordance with the bylaws and rules of association;
3.     Serve as chairpersons of association committees;
4.     Participate in the annual planning process, preparation of the association profile and development plan;
5.     Represent the interests of all badminton players, coaches, officials and organizers in the province.
6.     Represent the particular interests of their own zone association. Each of the eight zones comprising the association is represented by at least one director whose responsibilities are to ensure that the officers of their zone association are fully informed of Badminton Alberta activities; and to ensure that their zone association is working in cooperation with Badminton Alberta to promote activities of mutual interest, to include:
                a)  organizing teams to represent their zone in provincial team competitions;
                b)  promoting provincial programs such as Sport Outreach and School Exhibitions;
                c)  maintaining communication with clubs and players within the zone for the purpose of promoting both zone and provincial events;

                d) assist in the ongoing development and organization of a zone association.

Powers of the Board of Directors

  • The board of directors shall have the power to do all things as in its opinion may be necessary to carry out efficiently the objects of the association, and to delegate all or any of its powers to such committees as it may establish from time to time.
  • The board of directors shall have the power to borrow or raise money for the purpose of carrying out the objects of the association.
  • Subject to these bylaws the board of directors shall have the power to make rules known as the rules of the association governing all matters which affect the game of badminton for which it is deemed expedient by the board of directors to make rules.
  • The board of directors may amend, delete, or make additional rules at any meeting of the board of directors, provided that a copy of such amendment has been mailed by the secretary to the board of directors at least 14 days before such meeting, unless such amendment or new rule is passed by an affirmative vote of not less than six directors.
  • Each amendment and new rule shall have a binding effect until the next succeeding general meeting of the association when the said amendment or new rule shall cease to have effect unless ratified by at least two-thirds of the votes of the members present at such general meeting.