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Badminton Alberta is looking for your input to better assist us in specifying deliverables, to advance coach education within Alberta, Canada. Can you spare two hours on Friday, August 13th from 6-8pm?

As you may know, Alberta is hosting the 2022 Junior National Championships, tentatively scheduled for Edmonton next May. To assist and further educate coaches in the province, it is Badminton Alberta's intent to offer a coaching summit during this event which will offer several topics of discussion and focus on various training methods that will better enable athletes to develop elite skills on a reduced timeline.

We have secured Dr David Broadbent from Brunel University in London to serve as our keynote speaker. He has researched and delivered presentations in the sport, on behalf of BWF, namely focusing on developing anticipation skills, and exploring the various modalities of badminton training.

This is an OPEN EVENT. Feel free to invite other coaches or prospective instructors as well! The more engagement, the stronger the presentation.


Date and Time: August 13th, 6-8 pm
Event Address: 60 Patterson Blvd SW, Calgary, AB T3H 2E1
Questions? Contact us at

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