Team Alberta trials information - 2023 Canada Winter Games


Event Outcome

The goals of Team Alberta (CWG) is to win a gold medal at the 2023 Canada Winter Games team event, accompanied by 3 gold and 3 silver medals in the individual event competition.


• Players are currently directly supervised by their club coaches

• As such, it is not the intent of the Association, or this program to manage the day to day activities of potential CWG players

• It is the Association’s intent to augment, and enhance player development in areas that are beneficial to the athlete, and coach, while aligning with club training and expressed goals.


Canada Winter Games Program - Team Alberta

Participating in the 2023 Canada Winter Games is one of the greatest achievements for an athlete in Alberta. This event only happens every four years and is the largest multisport competition for young athletes in Canada. The 2023 Canada Winter Games will take place in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, February 27 – March 5, 2023.

Team Alberta will be comprised of five males and five females who are born in the year 2000 or later. These athletes will compete against twelve other provinces and territories in team and individual competition. An alternate male and female for the team will also be named. These alternates will not attend the games unless a team member is forced to withdraw. Please be aware that any serious disciplinary issues will disqualify players from participating, regardless of performance. Players must be in good standing with Badminton Alberta to qualify for Team Alberta.

The 2023 Canada Winter Games Technical Package can be found here: https://36 2023 Technical Package - Badminton - PUBLISHED.pdf - Google Drive


Selection Process

Stage 1. Tournament Trial

• Date: July 15/16/17

• Venue: The Glencoe Club


  • Friday: Men’s and Ladies Doubles Saturday 9am: Men’s and Ladies Sunday 9am: Mixed Doubles
  • All athletes wishing to qualify for the pool MUST attend this trial.
  • Cost: $85.00/athlete

• Players must enter partnerships with eligible CWG players.

• FORMAT: Double elimination in all 5 events. All first round losers will be eligible for the B side consolations. Winners of that event will also be invited to phase 2 trials.

• Players reaching the ¼ finals in any main event with an entry over 16 players will be eligible for phase 2 selection. Those events with less than 16 participants (teams) all semifinalists will be invited to the next stage.

• Seeding’s will be based on current Badminton Alberta Rankings, as well as objective input from the Management Committee as conclusive rankings are not available due to 24 months of inactivity.

• All try-outs will adhere to Badminton World Federation (BWF) regulations, however, regulations in this document overrule the BWF regulations.

• A referee will be present for the entire duration of the tryouts.

• Coaching will not be permitted during play for any tryout competitions, and coaches will not be permitted onto the field of play. The referee assigned to the tryout will determine the field of play.

Lines judges will not be available.

Stage 2: Tournament Trial Final (2023 CWG Team Selection)

  • Date: September 9/10
  • Venue: B-Active Badminton Club


Friday 6pm: Men’s/Ladies Doubles Saturday 9am: Men’s and Ladies singles, followed by mixed doubles All athletes wishing to qualify for the team MUST attend this trial. Cost $45.00

• Partnerships MUST remain the same as the pool trials.

• Players must enter partnerships with eligible CWG players. Players may only compete in the same events entered in the pool trials, with the same partner. Changing partners from trial 1 to trial 2 is not permitted.

• The CWG Team will consist of 5 male and 5 female athletes with 1 alternate per gender. FORMAT: Pool Play followed by elimination draw.

• Athletes will play the male/female doubles event first, in a pool play round robin, followed by an elimination draw. Winners of all events will be named to the CWG team. Should the 6 male/female compliment not be met, the selection committee will name athletes to fill the numerical maximum of each gender based on their ability to finish in the top 3 of the individual and team events, and/or complimenting the existing identified athletes/ pairs. Criteria will be based on trial performance.

• A referee will be present for the entire duration of the tryouts.

• Coaching will not be permitted during play for any tryout competitions, and coaches will not be permitted onto the field of play. The referee assigned to the tryout will determine the field of play.

  • Draws will be seeded based on Badminton Alberta Rankings and input from the Management Committee. Lines judges will not be available

Stage 2 Opportunities

Athletes who are selected to the 2023 Canada Winter Games Team will be offered cost deferment to the following events. Participation in these tournaments is mandatory, and athletes MUST compete with their respective team qualifier (This is crucial in establishing criteria used in event seeding)

  • - Sparring camp with National Team/Next Gen athletes - IST support training (social media, nutrition, etc)
  • - Canada Open September 27 – October 2
  • - Additional events may be added as they are announced by Badminton Canada, and are permitted by the various health jurisdictions.

Selection Committee Billy Gilliland, Dave McMaster, Jeff Bell, Tba, Tba


Mitigating Circumstances

• Extenuating circumstances include any unforeseen injuries, family emergencies or other unforeseeable events which prevents an eligible athlete from competing in the try out.

• To be eligible for team selection, any athletes experiencing extenuating circumstances must draft a letter explaining the situation, and why they should receive consideration for the pool or team trials. o In the case of an illness or injury, a doctor’s note must accompany the letter. o The letter must be submitted to the chair of the Management Committee within 3 days of the conclusion of the tryout.

• The Management Committee will notify the applicant that the letter has been received and that the extenuating circumstances will be considered in the selection process.


Selection Protocol

1) Invitations will be sent to athletes based on the selection priority criteria. The athlete will not be considered a member of the team until he/she has officially accepted or declined the invitation.

2) When an invitation is declined, the spot may be offered to another athlete/pair. Should one member of a pair decline the invitation, the offer may be rescinded to the partner as well, as determined by the Selection Committee.

3) Official selection to the team is via written personal correspondence (email) from Badminton Alberta. All verbal discussion of team selection is unofficial and not considered binding.

Conditions of Participation

Prior to team selection, athletes must abide by the following regulations:

1) Athletes must be members in good standing with the Provincial Association.

2) Athletes must have paid all outstanding invoices to Badminton Alberta at least 60 days prior to departure.

3) Any negative actions presented by an athlete, that negatively impacts Badminton Alberta or the province, may receive disciplinary actions that may result in their removal from the competition.

4) All applicants must comply with current Alberta Health Regulations as they pertain to Covid 19.

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