Membership renewal now available

Membership renewal with Badminton Alberta is now active. If you have an expirey date of 08-31-2023 please send us an email, as we will need to amend this date to avoid a conflict. If you don't plan on renewing your membership until after Sept 01 - there is no need to contact us, as the problem will resolve its self for you.

Everyone will be required to purchase membership with Badminton Alberta. Once you have selected youth or adult membership, let the system refresh and then you will be able to select the various license(s) that you require, ie. Player License, Officials License, Coach License. You can also select between Club, Provincial and National level of licenses. Please refer to the membership/license descriptions located on the Membership landing page located on our website.

Anyone purchasing a coach or officials license - your purchase will be on hold until a staff member validates your credentials, at which time the HOLD will be removed.


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