Coaching Tip #1

Become a Certified Coach

Being a great coach means being properly trained and certified. The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) has taught thousands of men and women across the country the secrets of coaching success.

This five-level program offers weekend and evening courses for coaches in over 60 sports. General coaching advice, information on sport skill and development, and feedback on practical coaching skills provide the foundation for teaching coaches how to improve their skills. The NCCP provides practical guidelines on planning a practice, dealing with parents, understanding the growth and development patterns of children and more.

The success of a sports program depends a great deal on the quality of the coaching staff. That’s why, the Coaching Association of Canada recommends that all coaches in Canada, whether novice or master, become certified in the 3M National Coaching Certification Program.

For more information about how to register for the National Coaching Certification Program, contact your Provincial / Territorial Coaching Co-ordinator or the Coaching Association of Canada at (613) 748-5624.

Tips for Coaching Kids

• Before beginning to coach, obtain information such as age range of players, level of play, length of the season, number of and length of practices and games, and information such as league philosophy and training opportunities.
• Keep the sport in perspective, encouraging players to participate in a variety of sports and other activities.
• Make the game a great experience for the whole family; players, coaches, officials and fans. Meeting with players and parents will encourage communication and help build a positive relationship.
• Aim for active participation from every player, which contributes to mental and physical development. Help players develop confidence and self-esteem by greeting them individually when they arrive, showing confidence in their ability to learn and encouraging effort without always focusing on results.
• Focus on the basics, including teaching the rules. As players develop their skills, their enjoyment of the sport grows.

Here are tips for coaching youngsters in sport, based on information from the National Coaching Certification Program.