Alberta Officials Code of Ethics

 Code of Ethics

1. Each official shall follow and enforce the laws and procedures as outlined in the Badminton Alberta Handbook, in accordance with the IBF Statute Book.

2. An official shall be dressed in proper attire according to the Badminton Alberta Dress Policy and present a meticulous appearance.

3. An official shall remember that while work as an official is important he / she must act in such a way that attention is drawn not to him / her, but to the players playing the game.

4. An official shall shape his / her character and conduct so as to be a worthy example to players who play under his / her jurisdiction.

5. An official shall be fair and unbiased in all decisions, rendering them without to the score.

6. The actions of an official should be firm, but not overbearing; courteous, but not ingratiating; positive, but never rude; dignified, but never arrogant; friendly, but not companionable, and calm, but always alert.

7. An official shall be prepared both physically and mentally to administer the game.

8. An official shall be constantly alert to the possibility of player injury, so that an injured player may be properly treated.

9. An official shall act towards fellow officials in a courteous and correct manner at all times and never in a critical manner in public.

10. An official shall act towards coaches in a correct and courteous manner at all times.

11. An official shall offer an explanation, if requested, after declaring a call to players. Furthermore, the official shall not give the appearance of obvious familiarity immediately before, during or after any match.