2021-22 Active Badminton Alberta Membership/License Roster

Last updated on: 01 September 2021

NAME                    ID NUMBER CLUB                 
AGBULOS, Ann May AB20891 B Active Badminton Club
AKIN-Mulrooney, Johnathan AB04770 The Glencoe Club
ANDERSSON, Catherine AB20650 Calgary Winter Club
ANDERSSON, Jasper AB22037 Calgary Winter Club
ANDERSSON, Mattias AB22033 Calgary Winter Club
ANDERSSON, Regan AB21262 Calgary Winter Club
ALTOVEROS, Kovi AB20916 Sunridge Badminton Centre
APPAVE, Nathan AB20369 Sunridge badminton Centre
BARKER, Brayden AB21037 The Glencoe Club
BELL, Jeff AB01248 Alberta Badminton Centre
BELL, Margaret AB03325 Alberta Badminton Centre
BHALLA, Neil AB22006 Clearone Badminton Club
BUTTOn, Wyatt AB22050 The Glencoe Club
CAI, Alex AB21508 Drive Sports Badminton Club
CAI, Catherine AB21203 B Active Badminton Club
CAI, Cheney AB22053 B Active Badminton Club
CAI, Jackie AB22054 B Active Badminton Club
CAMERON, Aiden AB21251 Royal Glenora Club
CAMERON, Isabel AB20886 Royal Glenora Club
CAMERON, Keagan AB21308 Royal Glenora Club
CAO, April AB20569 Drive Sports Badminton Club
CELIZ, Chrisdale Paz AB22021 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
CHAN, Emily AB05294 The Glencoe Club
CHAN, Hamish AB20615 B Active Badminton Club
CHAN, Riley AB21557 B Active Badminton Club
CHAN, Zoyi AB22051 B Active Badminton Club
CHAO, Gabriel AB10103 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
CHEN, Ethan AB06938 B Active Badminton Club
CHEN, Jason AB21705 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
CHEN, Robert AB22043 B Active Badminton Club
CHEN, Ryan AB20432 B Active Badminton Club
CHEN, Wei-Lun AB22062 B Active Badminton Club
CHEUNG, Annaliese AB21039 The Glencoe Club
CHIA, ALLY AB20014 B Active Badminton Club
CHING, Gabriel AB20523 B Active Badminton Club
CHING, Nathan AB20522 B Active Badminton Club
CHOU, Jason AB04324 B Active Badminton Club
CHOW, Ethan AB21148 Drive Sports Badminton Club
CHORNEY, Aila AB21271 The Glencoe Club
CLARKE, Nolan AB21475 Calgary Winter Club
CLOUTIER, Milaine AB00909 Calgary Winter Club
DAI, Alexander AB21180 B Active Badminton Club
DANG, Julia AB21213 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
DAVIS, Jason AB22032 Fort McMurray Badminton Club
DEHOLOS, Jaclyn AB21020 Calgary Winter Club
DENG, Vicky AB20631 Michael Youth Badminton Club
DENG, Victor AB20630 Michael Youth Badminton Club
DIEP, Weylum AB22049 B Active Badminton Club
DING, Yulin AB20992 Gao Badminton Tao
DUCKWORTH, Rhys AB22016 The Glencoe Club
ELLIOTT, Sam AB22013 The Glencoe Club
FEI, Nathan AB20782 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
FENG, Winney AB20798 B Active Badminton Club
FONG, Eden AB22022 The Glencoe Club
FUNG, Alexander AB04545 B Active Badminton Club
GALLOP, Glenn AB20047 B Active Badminton Club
GANZON, Dera AB22071 Sunridge Badminton Centre
GANZON, Jorbie AB22072 Sunridge Badminton Club
GAO, Jacob AB20869 Gao Badminton Tao
GOLINOWSKI, Jack AB22055 The Glencoe Club
GOONETILLEKE, Nevan AB21100 Gao Badmitnon Tao
HERMANTO, Eunice AB07510 The Glencoe Club
HODGES, Jack AB22029 B Active Badminton Club
HSU, Maggie AB21210 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
HSU, Samantha AB04067 B Active Badminton Club
HSU, Steven AB22035 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
HUANG, Guoxing AB10319 Drive Sports Badminton Club
HUANG, Joyce AB21201 B Active Badminton Club
HUANG, Xiaoyu AB20871 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
HUANG, Shirley AB22017 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
HUYNH, Brandon AB21230 Drive Sports Badminton Club
HUYNH, Dek AB22036 Clearone Badminton Club
HWANG, Elijah AB21304 Calgary Winter Club
HYLAND, Emilia AB20285 The Glencoe Club
JACKSON, Ryder AB21665 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
JENKINS, Dale   Airdrie Badminton Club
JIN, Sean Xu Yang AB20536 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
KACHMARSKI, Molly AB21311 The Glencoe Club
KACHMARSKI, William AB21032 The Glencoe Club
KADAM, Veer AB21287 Gao Badminton Tao
KANYASI, Miklos   The Glencoe Club
KE, Richard AB21472 Gao Badminton Tao
KEATING, Callum AB21734 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
KIBRIA, Anna AB21109 B Active Badminton Club
KIM, Roymond AB21424  
KIM. Wooju AB11025 Fort McMurray Badminton Club
KO, Anton AB20176 B Active Badminton Club
KO, Jett AB09412 The Glencoe Club
KO, Jonathan AB09549 Clearone Badminton Club
KOT, Brandon AB22077 Royal Glenora Club
KSHATRIYA, Amit AB21158 Drive Sport Badminton Club
KWAN, Eyota  AB04526 Drive Sports Badminton Club
LAI, Katelyn AB21156 B Active Badminton Club
LAU, Julian AB09456 B Active Badminton Club
LE, Hoang AB02721 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
LEE, Catherine AB20833 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
LEE, Jadalynn AB20269 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
LEE, Jonathan AB09459 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
LEE, Kevin AB02312 The Glencoe Club
LEE, Timothy AB05169 Drive Sports Badminton Club
LEE, William AB21536 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
LEUNG, Lydia AB22048 Drive Sports Badminton Club
LI, Janita AB21371 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
LI, Jayden AB20542 B Active Badminton Club
LI, Jocelyn AB20814 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
LI, John AB04000 B Active Badminton Club
LI, Miriam AB01747 Drive Sports Badminton Club
LI, Raymond AB21538 Gao Badminton Tao
LI, Weihong AB22065 B Active Badminton Club
LIN, Everett AB20762 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
LIN, Iris AB21550 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
LIN, Selina AB21379 B Active Badminton Club
LINDEMAN, Ty AB01345 B Active Badminton Club
LIU, Amy AB21142 Gao Badminton Tao
LIU, Brooks AB20271 Gao Badminton Tao
LIU, Daniel AB21494 Sunridge Badminton Club
LIU, Kaya AB21707 Drive Sports Badminton Club
LIU, Kaiwei AB21518 Gao Badminton Tao
LIU, Terence AB20516 B Active Badminton Club
LIU, Warren AB22007 Drive Sports Badminton Club
LIU, Yinghua AB22064 B Active Badminton Club
LOKER, Valerie AB20141 Royal Glenora Club
LONG, Danny AB00313 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
LONG, Ethan AB20457 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
LU, Jimmy AB21275 Drive Sports Badminton Club
MA, Derrick AB21199 B Active Badminton Club
MA, Ken AB20638 The Glencoe Club
MADATHIL, Srikanth AB22068 B Active Badminton Club
MAH, Ella AB22040 B Active Badminton Club
MAH, Grace AB22041 B Active Badminton Club
MAK, Philip AB03723 The Glencoe Club
MCKENZIE, John AB21503 The Glencoe Club
MCLEAN, Caden AB22019 The Glencoe Club
MCMASTER, Dave AB00340 Alberta Badminton Centre
MENG, Austin AB21202 B Active Badminton Club
MIAO, Rachel AB22023 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
MOODY, Bryan AB09017 The Glencoe Club
MOODY, Jonah AB22056 The Glencoe Club
MOTEL, Raphael AB20535 B Active Badminton Club
NAKATSUI, Natalie AB10075 B Active Badminton Club
NAVEED, Dajana AB21617 Red Willow Badminton Club
NGUYEN, Kiet AB22025 The Glencoe Club
NGUYEN, Khai AB22026 The Glencoe Club
NGUYEN, Vincent AB05423 B Active Badminton Club
NGUYEN, Ngan AB03849 Michael Youth Badminton Club
NIU, Nathan AB21669 Gao Badminton Tao
OH, Wonjun AB21500 Calgary Winter Club
OUANO, Archangelo AB21252 Sunridge Badminton Club
OUANO, Archelle Jane AB21056 Sunridge Badminton Centre
OUANO, Paul AB20978 Sunridge Badminton Centre
PALMER, Sam AB22066 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
PAN, Jason AB20752 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
PANDIT, Ashish AB22061 B Actve Badminton Club
PANDIT, Manasi AB22067 B Active Badminton Club
PARCHURE, Yash AB21173 Drive Sports Badminton Club
PATEL, Smit AB20533 B Active badminton Club
PATRICK, Jody   Calgary Winter Club
POOLE, Ken AB00372 The Glencoe Club
ROQUE, Nicholas AB01890 B Active Badminton Club
POULOS, Hannah AB10076 The Glencoe Club
POULOS, Maria AB20964 The Glencoe Club
PRITCHARD, Kya AB21327  
QIU, Jialin AB20257 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
REIDIE, Tye AB22076 Calgary Winter Club
REPOLLO, Vince AB21427 Sunridge Badminton Centre
REYNOLDS, Lindsay AB20746 Calgary Winter Club
RHODA, Arjun AB21112 B Active Badminton Club
RICHARDSON, Beth AB00433 The Glencoe Club
ROTH, Katie AB20990 The Glencoe Club
ROTH, Jack AB20562 The Glencoe Club
ROQUE, Mellisa AB10089 B Active Badminton Club
QUACH, Nathan AB22070 Clearone Badminton Club
SCVIOUR, Paula AB06167 Calgary Winter Club
SHANG, Ivy AB21520 Drive Sport Badminton Club
SHI, Kevin AB10477 The Glencoe Club
SHIH, Kieran AB22059 Royal Glenora Badminton Club
SHIH, Preston AB22058 Royal Glenora Badminton Club
SINGH, Navjot AB22069  
SLOANE, Josh AB22018 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
STANISCLAUS, Leroy AB10095 Michael Youth Badminton Club
SU, Felix AB22039 B Active Badminton Club
SUN, Claire AB22057 Gao Badminton Tao
TAI, Yi AB06505 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
TAM, Ellen AB22042 Royal Glenora Club
TANG, Brandon AB10114 Drive Sports Badminton Club
THIYAGARAJAN, Rajan AB22063 Grande Prairie Badminton Club
THOMPSON, Sofia AB22027 The Glencoe Club
TRIGGER, Samuel AB21513 The Glencoe Club
TRUONG, Jadzia AB22024 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
STEWART, Jeffrey AB21749  
UNG, Ivy AB10072 Derrick GOlf & Winter Club
VICQ, Duncan AB21198 The Glencoe Club
VO-LOH, Gabrielle AB20281 B Active Badminton Club
VO-LOH, Mayah AB20280 B Active Badminton Club
WADIA, Imran AB07299 The Glencoe Club
WAINES, Carson AB10193  
WANG, Adele AB21556 B Active Badminton Club
WANG, Ben AB10753 Drive Sports Badminton Club
WANG, Boris AB21467 B Active Badminton Club
WNAG, Desmond AB00750 B Active Badminton Club
WANG, Gongyi AB21168 Drive Sports Badminton Club
WANG, Jerry AB20772 B Active Badminton Club
WANG, Owen AB21182 Drive Sports Badminton Club
WANG, Takeisha AB01352 B Active Badminton Club
WANG, Wen AB00175 B Active Badminton Club
WATSON, Easton AB05339 Drive Sports Badminton Club
WATSON, Katie AB08940 Drive Sports Badminton Club
WHEELER, Ben AB21318 Calgary Winter Club
WHEELER, Max AB21317 Calgary Winter Club
WIRANATA, Ardy AB06721 The Glencoe Club
WONG, Anthony AB09514 The Glencoe Club
WONG, Cameron AB20249 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
WONG, Davis AB20275 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
WONG, Eason AB09702 The Glencoe Club
WONG, Mataia AB07024 B Active Badminton Club
WONG, Matthew AB03953 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
WOO, Brady AB21497 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
WU, Cindy AB22031 B Active Badminton Club
WU, John AB10286 B Active Badminton Club
WU, Josephine AB07121  
XIE, Daniel AB22030 B Active Badminton Club
XIE, Dylan AB22034 B Active Badminton Club
XU, Benny AB03885 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
XU, Joanna AB20256 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
YANG, Ben AB21123 Derrick Golf & Winter Club 
YANG, Kevin AB22047 Gao Badminton Tao
YANG, Max  AB22015 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
YANG, Maxwell AB21589 Gao Badminton Tao
YANG, Meggie AB20783 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
YANG, Michael  AB21535 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
YAO, David AB21514 B Active Badminton Club
YAU, Austin AB21466 B Avtive Badminton Club
YEE, Darren AB02578 Fort McMurray Badminton Club
YEE, Julianna AB05484 Fort McMurray Badminton Club
YEUNG, Matthew AB21648 B Active Badminton Club
YIP, Jay AB20469 Gao Badminton Tao
YU, Alena AB09226 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
YU, Phillip AB21274 Gao Badminton Tao
YUNG, Jaime AB21709 Drive Sports Badminton Club
YUNG, Jesse AB21476 Drive Sports Badminton Club
YUNG. Leanne AB05317 The Badminton Academy
ZHANG, Allan AB20988 Gao Badminton Tao
ZHANG, Alexa AB21425 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
ZHANG, Cayden AB20856 Derrick Golf & Winter Club
ZHANG, Jiatai AB21324 Gao Badminton Tao
ZHANG, Jiayuan AB10629 Gao Badminton Tao
ZHANG, McQueen AB22052 Sunridge Badminton Centre
ZHAO, Alex AB21407 Gao Badminton Tao
ZHAO, Brent AB21408 Gao Badminton Tao
ZHAO, Chris AB22045 Drive Sports Badminton Club
ZHAO, Iven AB22044 B Active Badminton Club
ZHAO, Mandy AB20773 B Active Badminton Club
ZHOU, Daniel AB21350 B Active Badminton Club
ZHOU, Nathan AB21256 Calgary Winter Club
ZHU, Aris AB22028  
ZHU, Jinting AB22038 B Active Badminton Club